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Watkins Glen slip and fall lawyerSlip and Fall Accidents Attorney Representing Citizens of Watkins Glen

Slip and fall accidents carry a high risk of serious injury. These include traumatic brain injury, slipped discs and broken bones, all injuries that can be life-threatening or even life-altering. When these accidents occur, they can become a significant drain on the finances and even savings of victims. The injuries may require multiple surgeries, ongoing physical therapy, or even visits to specialists, all of which cost a lot of money. You should speak with a Watkins Glen slip and fall accident lawyer.

If you have suffered injury in a slip and fall accident, you may be going through one or more of these. You may even be considering a settlement offer just to pay the bills and keep things afloat.

More often than not, when your slip and fall case does not involve a lawyer, insurance companies try to offer you a low-ball settlement. They rarely ever offer what your claim is actually worth. That is, until they see that an experienced Watkins Glen slip and fall accident lawyer is involved in your case. Insurance companies know that an experienced attorney cannot be fooled by their justification of a low-ball settlement. That’s why they would prefer to deal with you alone.

Attorney Stephen M. Proudfoot understands all these tricks and tactics, that is why he is regarded as a personal injury law specialist. He has helped several clients recover fair compensation for their injuries. He can help you too. All you have to do is contact (607) 734-3400 to set up a free and confidential case review.

What if you are partially responsible for the accident?

While this can be inconvenient, it does not preclude you from securing compensation. However, it can significantly reduce the amount of compensation you receive, depending on how much of the accident was your fault.

New York operates a “pure comparative negligence” model. This simply means that liability in New York is a matter of relative fault. If you were 10% at fault for the accident, while the other party was considered to be 90% at fault, you would only receive 90% of the assessed compensation.

So, you can still recover compensation, despite your partial fault. You will need to consult with your Watkins Glen NY slip and fall lawyer, for a full understanding of how this rule will affect your case.

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Frequently, you will see that slip and fall accidents cause orthopedic injuries, neck injuries, broken bones and more. If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident, you can secure your chances of a positive outcome by reaching out to us today. Contact Proudfoot Law Firm on (607) 734-3400 to schedule a free case review. We will not collect a dime unless you win.