Elmira Product Liability Lawyers

Product liability refers to actions for injuries suffered as the result of a defective product. This includes actions against product designers, manufacturers, or distributors. Some examples include defective seatbelts, defective airbags, faulty tires and wheels, dangerous baby toys, medical devices, and industrial machinery. To recover damages, the injured person must prove that an unreasonably dangerous condition or defect existed in the product at the time the product left the manufacturer’s control, and that the condition was a proximate cause of the individual’s injury.

A product is unreasonably dangerous or defective if it fails to perform in a manner reasonably to be expected in light of its nature and intended function. Products can be defective and unreasonably dangerous in any of three ways. First, the product may contain a manufacturing flaw. Second, the product may be defectively designed. Third, the product may have an information defect such as inadequate warnings, directions, or instructions.

Attorney Steve Proudfoot and the lawyers at Proudfoot Law Firm have handled numerous product liability cases including lawsuits against Sears (ladder), Wal-Mart (light), Black & Decker (cleaner), Hawker-Dayton (punch press machine), and Remington Rand (defective gun safety), to name a few. Attorney Proudfoot recovered a structured settlement worth $675,000 for an infant injured by a defective light purchased from Wal-Mart. He also recovered a structured settlement worth $1.25 million for a man injured by a punch press machine at work.

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