Elmira Dog Bite Attorneys

Dog bites are a significant national problem in the United States. Each year there are nearly 5 million cases of dog attacks and bites. Some 800,000 victims per year require medical attention. Children are the main victims and account for the majority of individuals who have to be treated at the hospital, usually for bites to the face.

Whether you are out for a walk, walking up the stairs to your apartment, at a social gathering, or just passing by a dog, you shouldn’t have to worry about being attacked. Unfortunately, dog owners do not always take the precautions they should to protect others from their pet. At Proudfoot Law Firm, we are prepared to hold owners accountable for injuries caused by their dogs. As personal injury attorneys with experience handling dog attacks and bites, we’ve seen the damage a dog can do – disfigurement, puncture wounds, scarring, torn ligaments, and broken bones. Our firm will investigate your dog bite claim and go after those responsible for the dog bite injuries.

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  • Take photographs of the dog
  • Take photographs of your injuries
  • Obtain medical records concerning your treatment
  • Videotape or photograph the area where the dog attack took place
  • If you know of any witnesses to the attack, get their contact information
  • Call an experienced personal injury dog bite attorney to protect your interests

Our office has successfully tried and settled dog attack and bite cases. If you or a family member has been attacked, call attorney Steve Proudfoot today for a FREE consultation.