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Steuben slip and fall attorneyA slip and fall accident in a public place can be very embarrassing. Getting injured in the accident can leave you with serious injuries which can be costly to treat. If you have been hurt in a slip and fall accident in Steuben County, NY, you may be able to recover compensation for your injuries. At Proudfoot Law Firm, our Steuben County slip and fall accident lawyers have decades of combined trial and litigation experience with results both in and out of court. We treat your slip and fall accident case as if it is our most important case, and we ensure that we get the best result possible.

It is common to experience a slip and fall accident in public places like grocery stores, shopping malls, public parks, theaters, restaurants and cafes, sidewalks, boutiques and bodegas, “big box” retail stores, amusement parks, museums, parking lots, construction sites, skyscrapers/high rises and large office buildings.

Slip and fall accidents can happen for a lot of different reasons. Common causes include slip and fall accidents from liquid spills, fallen objects and other hazards, flooring issues, rails and stairs, and outdoor issues. Most slip and fall accidents happen as a result of negligence on the part of the people responsible for safety in those places.

What do you need to win a slip and fall liability suit?

For you to win a slip and fall liability suit, the first thing you need to do is to get the services of our Steuben County slip and fall accident lawyers. Your lawyer will have to prove four elements in court.

  1. Your lawyer will have to prove that the defendant owed a duty of care: A duty of care means that the owner or proprietor of the property had a responsibility to keep the place in a reasonably safe condition. This includes fixing any issues that might pose a safety hazard for the members of the public.
  2. Your lawyer will have to prove that the defendant had proper notice: The owner of the place must have had proper notice about the hazard and failed to address it. He or she must have also had enough time to fix the problems. If both factors hold, and the owner did not fix the hazard, then he or she is liable to a slip and fall lawsuit.
  3. Your lawyer needs to prove that there was indeed a dangerous condition: The plaintiff could argue that your slip and fall was due to any reason. Your lawyer will have to prove that if those dangerous conditions were not present, you would not have slipped and fell.
  4. Your lawyer needs to prove that you sustained serious injuries as a result of the accident: You must provide evidence that the injuries you sustained were due to the accident. The evidence needed includes medical bills and lost wages resulting from time lost at work.

Who compensation can you recover for your slip and fall injury?

If your slip and fall injury was as a result of a dangerous condition in a public place, the owner of the place may be liable for your injury. You may be entitled to compensation for damages. They include expenses incurred for your treatment, wages you lost due to the inability to work and wages you will lose in the future due to your continued inability to work.

You could also get compensated for your pain and suffering, any disability caused by the injury and any other losses you incurred as a result of the injury. Your Steuben County Slip and fall lawyer Stephen Proudfoot will be pivotal in helping you fight for full and fair compensation.

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