A Corning Medical Malpractice Attorney Can Help If You’ve Suffered From a Medical Mistake

How to Tell If Your Healthcare Provider Made a Mistake

Determining whether your doctor, nurse or surgeon made a mistake can be difficult for people with little or no medical training. If you feel like a mistake has been made in your medical care, you should contact a Corning medical malpractice lawyer at Proudfoot Law Firm. Our professionals can investigate and review the details of your situation to determine if there is a legal action that can be taken. Remember, Proudfoot Law Firm offers free consultations so there is no risk in calling to speak with a personal injury lawyer.

Medical Malpractice Liability

In New York an injured party must show the following in a medical malpractice lawsuit:

  • An applicable standard of care. The typical standard of care is that a medical professional must use the proper procedure or practice for a particular medical situation that is accepted by the medical community in your geographic area.
  • A breach of this standard of care. This means a failure to provide medical treatment that conforms to the applicable standard of care.
  • That your injuries were caused by this breach.
  • That you have suffered damages, such as medical bills, loss of income, etc. as a result of your injuries.

Aside from showing the elements above, you should also allege that the medical provider either (1) failed to use their best judgment in your treatment, or (2) failed to use reasonable care in applying the provider’s skill and knowledge to your care.

A Corning Medical Malpractice Attorney at Proudfoot Law Firm Can Help

Medical mistakes are difficult for all parties involved. Still, you shouldn’t have to pay for anyone else’s mistakes, even mistakes made by medical professionals. Contact us for a free consultation if you even suspect that your injuries or condition were the results of a medical mistake. You don’t pay a penny unless you recover satisfactory financial compensation.