Steuben County Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accident Attorney Representing Steuben County, NY

Steuben car accident attorneyBeing in a car accident can be a very unpleasant experience in itself. When you throw in the possible injuries and expenses that arise after the accident, it can turn into a nasty mess. However, the mess can be dealt with swiftly and effectively if you quickly secure the services of a Steuben County car accident lawyer.

At Proudfoot Law Firm, we make things go smoothly for you. With our team of experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyers, we can help you deal with insurance companies and put together a winning claim.

Steps to take after a Steuben County Car accident

If you have been involved in a car accident in Steuben county, the law requires that you remain at the scene. Do not move any car from where it has stopped unless it is necessary to do so.

If you or anybody is injured, call for help. Dialing 911 will alert both the police and emergency services. Once help arrives, you need to exchange names, license, registration and insurance numbers with the other driver(s).

When the police arrive, give your statement to them and them only. Do not be tempted to exchange words with the other driver. You should also document the name, badge number, and precinct of the responding officer. You will need to get in touch with the officer at his or her precinct to get a copy of the report. You should also try to get the names, addresses and phone numbers of any witnesses to the accident as their testimonies will come in handy when filing your claim.

Get medical care as soon as you can. Let the responding paramedics examine you and treat you at the scene. Even if you feel okay, you must allow yourself to be examined. Stress and shock can mask injuries at the scene and you may not feel any injuries. However, allowing yourself to be examined can bring these injuries to the light. Another angle to it is that getting a doctor to examine you will enable you to get records of your injuries. This will further strengthen your claim.

Try to take photographs and videos of all cars involved in the accident. You can also take pictures of your injuries and recovery process. They will help your claim when you face the insurance company.

How to file a Steuben County car accident claim

Steuben County is in New York, and as such is subject to New York’s no-fault insurance law. The New York no-fault insurance law provides that no matter who is at fault in a car accident, you must claim compensation from your own insurance provider. Our Steuben County car accident lawyer can assist you with this.

This is also known as Personal Injury Protection (PIP). You cannot file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company – even if he or she was at fault, except in limited circumstances.

This system is intricate and has highly specialized rules. One of these rules is the filing and submission deadlines. You must file your claim within the specified timeline or risk losing it. The following are the required steps:

  • File an accident report within 10 days of the accident occurring.
  • File a no-fault application with your no-fault insurance provider within 30 days of the accident.
  • Submit all medical bills to your no-fault insurance provider within 45 days of receiving treatment.

Any other expenses you incur, such as out of pocket costs for transportation, prescriptions, lost wages or hired help must be submitted within 90 days of incurring them.

How A Steuben County Car Accident Lawyer Can Help

Navigating the complex maze of filing your claim while healing from a car accident can be very difficult. At Proudfoot Law Firm, we understand how challenging things can be. Once you retain our firm, we take all the stress off you. We will help you fight for all the compensation you are entitled to, while also dealing with the insurance companies on your behalf.

Our policy is to do everything we can to help you without collecting a dime unless you win. Call us at our offices today on (607) 734-3400 to schedule a free case review with our lawyers.