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Horseheads car accident lawyerNo matter where you are in New York state, there’s one stat that is difficult to ignore. Car accidents lead to 136, 913 emergency room visits on average every year. At least 696 out of every 100,000 New Yorkers will require treatment for car accident-related injuries every year. A Horseheads car accident lawyer is committed to representing individuals that have suffered accidents such as these.

Put this way, the stats on car accidents are sobering. Although the frequency of car accidents may seem routine, serious disaster is usually only a fender bender away and could involve pedestrians, bicycle accidents or other parties. In mild cases, a vehicle may be seriously damaged or even totaled. But the worst cases are those that result in devastating and life-threatening injuries.

If you have been injured in an accident such as these, we want you to know that you can fight for compensation. While no amount of money can ease the hurt you must be suffering, it can help you cope with the financial strain and get your life back on track. At Proudfoot Law Firm, our Horseheads NY car accident attorneys do what they do because of folk like you. We believe no one should have to suffer because another person ran a red light or took their eyes off the road to light a cigarette.

We understand the real loss that car accidents can bring. This is why we are dedicated to fighting for our clients so that they may recover the compensation they deserve. Our Horseheads NY car accident attorneys have recovered millions in compensation for victims of car accidents. We can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Reporting a car accident in New York

When a person is involved in a New York car crash, it is legally required that the accident be reported. If the crash involves more than $1,000 in property damage, all drivers must file a Report of Motor Vehicle Accident with the DMV within 10 days of the accident.

If the accident caused death or injury, it is also required that the police be contacted, in addition to filing the report with the DMV. Failing to file a report with the DMV may be deemed an administrative violation and may result in the suspension of your license. So you need to make sure you do this immediately.

Filing a claim with a Horseheads NY Car Accident Attorney

Ideally, before filing the report, your next line of action should be to visit a Horseheads car accident lawyer. There are several reasons for this. Most important, however, is the need to ensure you put your best foot forward in your compensation claims process. A skilled attorney will advise you on the importance of framing your case carefully, including what opinions you disclose and what steps you take. They will help ensure that you do nothing to damage your claim before filing with the insurer.

What if you are partially at fault for the accident? You may still be able to claim compensation. However, it is ill-advised for you to set out believing you had a part to play in the accident.

Car accidents happen in the space of a few seconds. You cannot possibly know everything that happened in that span of time. One of the first things your attorney will do is investigate the scene of the accident to try and reconstruct events. Only after a full investigation can you determine who was at fault. Typically, your Horseheads NY car accident attorney will sit with you and help you understand how the law applies to your circumstances. Importantly, they will help you figure out your best bet for recovering fair compensation.

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