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Watkins Glen car accident attorneyIf you have been involved in any kind of car accident in New York involving bodily or property damage, you should be concerned about your options for compensation. Car accidents cause enough damage and loss on their own. You should not have to suffer the added financial strain brought about by serious injuries and the cost of replacing damaged property. Choose a Watkins Glen car accident attorney to help you with these difficult situations.

One of the first things you should do after being involved in a car accident is to contact a competent Watkins Glen NY car accident lawyer. This is because you should embark on the process of recovering compensation with a full understanding of your rights and options.

Our Watkins Glen NY car accident lawyers at Proudfoot Law Firm are known for their deep skill and wide experience. Our clients have recovered millions in compensation with our assistance. We have helped hundreds get their lives, and finances, back on track by ensuring they recover full and fair compensation.
If you have been injured in a Watkins Glen, NY car accident, contact us at Proudfoot Law Firm for swift and decisive representation.

Recovering compensation in a car accident case

From the moment a car accident occurs, whether you like it or not, several minds are already contemplating the potential for compensation in the case. For one, the at-fault driver will immediately try to assess their level of fault and, if possible, take steps to minimize their exposure.

Importantly, insurance companies will be keenly interested in the circumstances of the accident. You can rest assured that, in addition to these facts, they will become very interested in you after the accident. Given an option, they’d much rather not pay you and they will be doing everything possible to ensure this. If all these individuals and entities are interested in your chances of compensation, you should be more interested. As you will be the one having to suffer the injuries and bear the expenses.

When you contact a Watkins Glen car accident attorney at Proudfoot Law Firm, our first step will be to investigate the circumstances of the accident. This is critical to establish the facts of your claim and lay the foundation for the successful recovery of compensation. We will swiftly identify the no-fault insurance company that should bear the liability and help you submit a timely claim. Under New York law, drivers are ordinarily expected to turn to their own insurance company for compensation.

However, depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be able to file a claim against the at-fault party instead. This is one of the first things we will help you figure out so efforts can be turned in the right direction.

Vicarious liability in car accidents

In some car accident cases, the question of liability may be unclear, when it becomes certain that you should file a claim against the at-fault party. Specifically, what happens when the car at fault in the accident was being driven by a person that was not the owner?

In situations such as this, a vicarious liability claim may arise. What this means is that you may be able to claim compensation against the person that owns or controls the vehicle instead. Common instances when this may be necessary include accidents caused by trucks and public vehicles.

In all circumstances, you can trust our experienced Watkins Glen NY car accident lawyers to help you accurately understand your best bet for compensation and what steps to take.

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If you have suffered injury or loss such as wrongful death in a car accident, don’t let your chances for compensation slip away. Contact the car accident specialists at Proudfoot Law Firm for an accurate understanding of your rights. We will never mislead you or give you the wrong information you need.  You can reach us on (607) 734-3400.